Whakangahau (Māori Cultural Performance)

Kapahaka is regarded as the glue between our two cultures of Aotearoa New Zealand today.

Kapahaka is an expression of song and dance that displays traditional dance movements that can be accompanied by contemporary or traditional music.

The modernisation of kapahaka over the past 60 years has seen a global fascination for this contemporary/traditional Māori art form.

You will be entertained with a 45 minute kapahaka performance, which includes action songs, poi dances (long and short poi), haka, stick games and weapons displays.  The performance also gives you an opportunity to learn poi and the haka, and take the perfect memory photo.

60 Hussey Road, Christchurch, New Zealand  Phone: +64 3 359 6226  Fax: +64 3 359 6212

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