Willowbank New Zealand Wildlife Reserve

Ko Tāne is located in the "Natural New Zealand " section of Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, and in your tour of this area you will be introduced to unique New Zealand species, separated from the rest of the world when the ancient continent of Gondwanaland split apart nearly 250 million years ago into New Zealand, Australia, South America, Antarctica and India.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is home to over 100 wildlife species, some of which have been brought back from near extinction.

Native species held at Willowbank include kiwi, tuatara, takahe, kea, wood pigeon, falcon, gecko, weka, morepork and the endangered blue duck.

Willowbank is the only reserve in the world where you can view breeding pairs of North Island brown kiwi outdoors. Your guide will help locate kiwi using a special low-light torch.


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