Living Māori Village

Welcome to Ko Tāne Living Māori Village.

Your Ko Tāne experience begins in our replica village where we re-enact a traditional welcome ceremony and show you the ways of our ancestors. Rituals have a deep cultural and spiritual meaning for Māori people, but some can appear intimidating to non-Māori at first. We encourage participation and hope you will come away feeling you have been welcomed into our tribe and culture.

Our village (kaika) sits in a quiet forest glade, under the protection of the god of the forest, Tāne Mahuta, from whom our village name is taken. Tāne, the creator of all life in the forest, was personified and immortalised by our people as the provider of food, clothing, weaponry and medicine.

Forest birds, fish, shellfish and eels, edible plants and native rodents were the only food resources before the Pākehā arrived in New Zealand. Although mostly Māori lived in harmony with nature, as the seasons changed, and the annual migrations of birds took place, some non-migrating species were hunted to extinction. Skilful hunter/warriors would often venture at their peril into forbidden territory to follow migrating species.

Māori had a well-developed cultural tradition of martial arts, song, dance and games, as well as a profound spiritual understanding of the world through oral tradition, ritual and legend. Many rituals were constructed to ensure physical and spiritual safety. The most dangerous situation was when two groups met.

Your Ko Tāne experience will begin with the ritual pōwhiri or challenge and welcome.


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