The Ko Tāne Welcome

The Ko Tāne experience begins with an introduction from your Ko Tāne host. The welcome will be your official welcome to our shores, traditionally called the pōwhiri, this welcome has 5 stages...
  1. The wero, Māori warrior challenge (weather dependant)
  2. The karanga, the call of the women that visitors are approaching
  3. The haka Pōwhiri, kapahaka welcome
  4. The mihi, speeches and greeting
  5. The hongi, the pressing of noses

The Pōwhiri has been performed by Māori throughout New Zealand for many centuries.  While some protocols vary between tribes the essence of the pōwhiri has its roots in pre-European arrival, to determine the intention of your visit, "are you friend or foe"?

Meeting the Māori People
At the conclusion of the welcome ceremony your host will introduce you to the Ko Tāne warriors and maidens (our team) who welcomed you and will korero (talk) with you about the challenges of being Maori in today's world while living with the traditions of their past. 


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