About Us

At Ko Tane we are dedicated to providing you with a unique cultural experience that takes you on a rich journey through our past, giving insight into our culture and beliefs.
We will show you our unique culture as it has survived and grown throughout the centuries since Maori arrived in New Zealand. Through performances of traditional waiata, haka, poi and ti rakau, we affirm our place in our cultural roots.

Our village is set inside the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve,  which has a dedicated New Zealand section. Visitors can see native birds and reptiles close up, and view the kiwi house and outdoor kiwi breeding area. We guarantee that you will see a kiwi!

Our Tribe (iwi), Ngai Tahu, has strong links with the plants and animals of the Christchurch area, Otautahi to our ancestors. Originally a swamp, it was the source of many different types of fish and bird species, as well as flax (harakeke) and ti kouka (the cabbage tree). In pre-European times, families would come to this area to snare birds, gather shellfish, and fish for eels, as well as gathering ti kouka leaves for clothing, and harakeke for clothing, baskets and mats.

Meet our team: we are proud to introduce you to our unique Maori culture and look forward to hosting you here at Ko Tane. As representatives of the Ngai Tahu tribe, we invite you to become part of our village  for a short while, as you learn about our traditional stories, crafts and pastimes.


60 Hussey Road, Christchurch, New Zealand  Phone: +64 3 359 6226  Fax: +64 3 359 6212

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