The Powhiri is the ritual of first meeting. Moving through the Powhiri traditionally brought the visitors (manuhiri) and the tanga ta whenua (people of the land) together safely so they could talk, negotiate, eat  and ultimately mingle together.

Some parts of the Powhiri:

  • The first part is the wero, or challenge. This can be quite intimidating, as it’s intended to show the strength and abilities of the warrior.
  • Once the wero is over, a senior woman of the tanga ta whenua will make the karanga, a hauntingly beautiful call to the visitors to enter the sacred precinct of the kaika.
  • The hongi is the Maori greeting, acknowledging the sacredness of life through shared breath.

After the powhiri, our host will guide you through the village, explaining the ways that Maori used the gifts of Tane to provide for themselves. You will then be led to the performance  arena.


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